Video Production Services

At Viewbird Computec, video production is a significant focal area and an area of competence. We have the most recent production tools and cameras to makes us dependable and competitive. We have a production team on staff, including a playwright, a cinematographer, and a production manager. Viewbird Computec has a wealth of experience producing nonfiction and corporate videos in many formats.

Corporate Films

Viewbird Computec, has worked to produce these films and videos. It has been actively involved in providing communication tools for several worldwide and national exhibitions, expos, conventions, and events, among other things, with its two decades of experience in corporate film producing and video production. 

Offering our services to a wide range of industries, including those in the automotive, textile, packaging, pharmaceutical, real estate, IT, hospitality, logistics, power, steel, chemical, and electronics, among others, we have a thorough understanding of even the smallest details that must be taken into consideration in order to produce the best corporate films and videos. 

Almost all types of corporate films have been created by Team Viewbird Computec, including videos for: 

  • presentations for investors
  • Pitch documents
  • demonstrations of goods
  • product introductions
  • Case studies and videos about CSR
  • videos designed for export
  • Customer reviews
  • Videos of Induction
Film prodruction, Video Production Services,
Video Production services

Drone Videography

Drone technology has been adapted by Viewbird Computec as soon as it is available. We have meticulously educated our drone pilots because controlling a drone is not a simple task. For your corporate filmmaking requirements, we provide footage for larger-than-life video solutions. The angles and pictures that provide the customers with the greatest and desired shots from an aerial perspective are all well known to our skilled drone pilots. 

Viewbird has been able to cover more than a hundred plants thanks to new drone technology. Our drone operator controls the aircraft with ease, flying it in all directions with little to no possibility of causing an incident on the property. Viewbird Computec has been praised for using drone technology to take amazing pictures.

Induction Videos

At Viewbird Computec, we recognise the significance of implementing new changes without creating misunderstandings between the business and its personnel. We produce induction movies to assist you in avoiding such challenging circumstances and to communicate any changes to the company’s operating procedures. Our films will be detailed and will go over each and every important issue. These videos may be shown in public spaces like conference rooms or the canteen. Giving out CDs and DVDs of the video is another approach to make sure that every employee sees it. You can use these films to inform all of your staff about the business. 

Making introduction videos has several advantages.

  • provides the required details 
  • Saves a tonne of money and time
  • Facilitates effective communication
  • Lowers staff churn
  • Ensures operational effectiveness
  • makes the staff feel respected and appreciated
Video Production