Robotics And Engineering

At the intersection of computer science and engineering is the field of robotics. Robotics entails the creation, use, maintenance, and operation of robots. Designing intelligent machines that can aid humans in their daily lives and ensure everyone’s safety is the aim of robotics. Robotics makes use of innovations from a variety of technical fields, including information, computer, mechanical, and electronic.
Robotics creates machines that can replace humans and imitate human behaviour. Robots can be used in a variety of settings and for a variety of tasks, but today many are employed in hazardous conditions (such as the inspection of radioactive materials, the detection and deactivation of bombs, manufacturing processes, or environments where humans cannot survive, such as space, underwater, in extreme heat, and the cleanup and containment of hazardous materials).

Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science are all combined into the multidisciplinary field of robotics in engineering and science. We covers the creation, operation, and maintenance of hardwired, computer-controlled mechatronic devices that process data and take in sensory input. In this interdisciplinary discipline, a range of undergraduate and graduate degree programmes are offered.